StraxAR™ Augmented Reality and How to Use it with Marty Noble's Art!

The world around us is brimming with untapped experiences. A t-shirt will sing to you. A bottle of wine can take you on a tour of the winery. Marty Noble can come to life and tell you the story of her art and more.  With StraxAR™, there is no such thing as an inanimate object. We designed the only platform ready to scale to the massive latent potential of the Metaverse and “augmented reality”.

With our platform, every image, moving or still, can instantly activate an engaging experience with minimal time, effort, or financial investment. We are an entirely new direct channel for educators, brands, and artists.

StraxAR™ brings the digital world together with the physical world of music, education, entertainment, retail, and visual art (to name a few) by adding digital content onto physical objects.  The possibilities are endless:

  • An interview with the artist (Marty!)
  • A schoolbook page could show more details of the subject.
  • A product could bring a tour of the manufacturer’s facility.
  • A billboard could display performance information.

Here is how to use StraxAR™ with Marty's collection:Download StraxAR™ App on iOS or Google Play.  Launch the App and point your device at any of the artwork in Marty's collections on this site and immediately the virtual experience begins with a new digital layer of information relevant to her art is displayed!  Try is now with "Butterfly Maiden" below...launch StraxAR and point your device at this beautiful work of art:

    Wherever "Butterfly Maiden" appears - as a framed work or on any of Marty's products worldwide - the StraxAR experience will launch for this exclusive "ever changing" content!  Keep checking back as Marty and others are always changing this just for you!

    The StraxAR platform is making augmented reality a reality, and it’s time for you to ask yourself, “Are You Experienced?" 

    As seen in FORBES, Marketwatch, ARVNews, Loudersound, MelodicRock, TDAmeritrade, BlackandMagazine, RelationshipScience, Finanzen, and more.